We are a Tampere University Hospital–based research initiative from Finland. Our goal is to evaluate how radiologists working in Schengen Area countries, other European Union countries or the UK perceive the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and whether they use AI-based solutions. To further analyse demographic factors and the respondents’ backgrounds, we collect personal details (including gender and age). The answers are analysed at the level of aggregate data. We will not collect your contact details. The study has been reviewed by the Ethics Committee of the Tampere Region prior to execution.

We take our respondents' privacy seriously. By answering the survey you agree to participate in the study. The legal basis for the use of your data is hereby public interest. You can end the survey at any time; the data collected up to this point may be used for research purposes. The survey includes some questions you may consider personal. You can obtain more information about data use and protection from our data protection clause, provided below. The average survey response time is 15 to 20 minutes. We will use the responses for the purposes of scientific research to be published in peer-reviewed academic journals or presented in conferences and conference proceedings.

On behalf of our research team, thank you in advance!

Otso Arponen, MD, PhD

Tampere University Hospital

e-mail: otso.arponen (at) tuni.fi

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